Making digital starategy a reality for Insurers 

A systematic approach that focuses on the power of digital technology to generate value :


Platform Services  

Our Insurance Platform Services empower insurers to transition to Digital Insurance 2.0, offering digital solutions and optimizing business processes. With a scalable technology platform, we provide comprehensive modules covering policy administration, claims processing, reinsurance, dashboards, statutory reporting, agency management, and more.


CRM Solutions for Insurance Businesses

Our Comprehensive CRM Solution, tailored for insurers, automates customer interaction tracking, logs sales activity, and provides total visibility into the sales pipeline. With this solution, insurers can efficiently cross-sell and up-sell to enhance revenue.


Digital Services for Insurance Businesses

The digital landscape is reshaping the insurance industry. Today's consumers shop across various digital channels, seek recommendations on social media, and utilize mobile throughout the purchase journey. To meet the needs of these digitally savvy consumers, insurers must adopt acquisition strategies that encompass traditional, digital, and mobile channels.


Mobile Solutions for Insurance Businesses

In today's landscape, mobility is revolutionizing field capabilities, enhancing service levels, and deepening customer engagement. Our experienced insurance mobile app solutions team enables insurance providers to close sales, allow policyholders to manage policies, and file claims from the convenience of a mobile app, quickening underwriting operations, all while engaging customers at a deeper level.

A systematic approach harnessing the power of digital technology to drive value creation!

Navigating digital transformation in the insurance industry poses unique challenges, demanding seamless integration without disrupting daily operations. Amidst this complexity, the question shifts from "Can we afford digital transformation?" to "Can we afford not to?"

Harnessing digitalization, SMEs unlock newfound flexibility, facilitating market entry and global competitiveness. A systematic approach to digital business empowers companies to uncover avenues for creating significant value.

Understanding common pitfalls is crucial for charting a successful path. Often, digital strategies falter due to a lack of clarity regarding the sources of value in digitization and digital innovation.

At MapleSage, we're no strangers to this landscape. We thrive on partnering with companies ready to embrace digitalization and reap its rewards. With a dedicated team of experts in design, technology, and marketing, we enable you to focus on what sets your business apart, while we handle the rest.

For some, it's growth. For others, it's victory. We call it Digitalization evolved!


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