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Today, mobility is enhancing field capabilities, improving service levels, & helping engage customers like never before. Our experienced insurance mobile app solutions team enables insurance providers to close sales, allow policyholders to manage policies & file claims from the convenience of a mobile app, quicken underwriting operations, all while engaging the customers at a deeper level.


Insurance Mobility Solutions


At MapleSage we help insurance providers engage better with customers, channels & partners. MapleSage provides strategic customer lifecycle marketing & channel enablement solutions for insurance driven by engaging design experiences, technology support & high performance digital campaigns.


Service Offerings:

  • CONSULTING - Enterprise Mobility, Strategy, Mobility Architecture Advisory, Technical Advisory, Process Advisory, Architecture Reviews
  • MOBILITY TESTING - Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Compatibility Testing, Security Testing, Automation Testing, Usability Testing, Mobile Localization Testing, Test Labs
  • APPS - Customer self-service apps, Agency Management Apps, Billing Center, Management Dashboard, Mobile NFC Payments, Fleet Management, Wealth Management, Business Productivity Applications, Health & Wellness, Claim Survey Assist, Claim Adjudication

Our Partnerships
Our Advantage


Full Service Approach

With strategy, design, & technology teams under roof, we offer a full Service approach that helps ideas reach implementations speedily and effectively.

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Insurance Industry Insights

Insights of the insurance space to create solutions & capabilities that truly enable insurance marketing operations.

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Omni Channel Enablement  

For seamless integrated experience across all digital channels leading to customer engagement, conversion rate optimization, and improved brand loyalty.

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Social & ORM Focus

Understanding of how optimized social media & online reputation could help insurers outperform their competitors.

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Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Comprehensive coverage of customer lifecycle marketing including digital infrastructure development, lead generation, demand creation & customer engagement campaigns.

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Insights & Analytics

Translating consumer insights into concrete initiatives that enhance customer engagement, experience, satisfaction & retention.

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Inbound Marketing B2B Lead Generation Guide

In this guide we look at what is inbound lead generation? Is it a solution that can save your business or organization from being that annoying, disruptive cold caller who is ruining spaghetti nights for pasta lovers all over the world.

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